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* * * there is an extra charge for pet hair, harsh stains & excessively dirty or XL vehicles * * *

* * * * * All Prices are starting at * * * * *

Looking for protection & shine on your vehicle? We offer a varity of waxes to cater to everyones needs! call now to schedule an appointment!

Car wax is designed to provide a thin layer of protection on the body of your vehicle. After it is applied to your vehicle’s exterior, it hardens and then creates a protective shell that is resistant to heat.
We offer 3 different types of waxes.


This is your less expensive wax & is not intended as a primary protecant. Spray wax is a filler. Meaning that spray wax is meant to bond to existing wax. Spray wax wears off rather quickly – usually less than a week.


Carnauba wax is made from Copernicia Prunifera Palm tree leaves - which is found mainly in Northern Brazil. We buff on carnauba wax which will enhance your vehicles natural shine. Carnauba wax protects paint from exposure to the elements such as - sunlight, water, & contaminants. It usually wears down within less than six weeks.


Paste wax is an old school wax that is infused with natural oils which leaves an out of this world brilliant shine. Because fo the natural oils, paste wax adds luster, shine, and protection to the surface your vehicles clear coat.

* * * This can be added on to any package it is already not included in * * *

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