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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need access to water & electricity?

We come to your location fully equipped with all the supplies needed to ensure a spotless car! We have a water tank for our own water supply & a generator for our own power supply.

What is the difference between CTC & my local car wash?

We cater to the convenience of coming to you! Whether you're at the comfort fo your own home, at your office or visiting Orlando, FL & staying at a hotel we travel to you - fully equipped, insured & ready to provide any detailing service.

Do I need to be present before, during or after the service?

If you choose not to present, ensure we have instructions on where to find your vehicle, such as: make, model & plate number. Also please be sure to add any specific instructions you may have for us prior to booking. We do recommend that you check your vehicle before & after we arrive to confirm you're satisfied with the end result.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Call us! (407) 844-1611

How do I pay for the service?

If you do not have cash - we accept CashApp, Venmo or Zelle.

How will you access the vehicle?

We will call you upon arriving at your location. We also ask to have access to the vehicles keys. This helps us properly clean your gear lever & windows.

Can I make an appointment for the same day?

Of course, permitting that our schedule allows it. We will do our best to adapt to your schedule.

Can I make an appointment for another day?

Absolutely! Call us & we can make arrangements for anytime in the future that suits your schedule. We will also send a reminder text the day before to confirm your appointment.

Can you service the vehicle in any place?

Yes, however please keep in mind that we CANNOT service & detail your car if it is parked between two other cars! With that being said, please have your vehicle easily accessible for us when we arrive. Ideal places are:

  • Outside parking space with enough room to work on the vehicle.
  • Driveway in front of your home.
  • Indoor parking garage.

If you are having us come to an indoor parking garage, please get pre-authorization for us to service your vehicle there. For gated neighborhoods please allow us the access code or any other key instructions we may need to know to gain access.

What if I have more than one car?

No problem, just mention this while booking. Keep in mind what time you schedule your appointment to allow us enough time for all vehicles.

How long does each detail take?

We don't set a specific time limit for any of our services, this is to ensure that we don't rush & miss anything during your deail. We take pride in our work & clean your vehicle as if it were our own which is why we don't set time limits. Every car is different, especially if it hasn't been detailed for some time.
For first time customers we ask that you set aside a few hours for us to properly service your car. We detail your vehicle, meaning we get every nook & cranny ensuring your vehicle looks better than the day you bought it. Returning customers who reschedule bi-weekly or monthly can expect less time seeing as we have already maintained the vehicle before.

Do you price per hour?

No, we do not charge by the hour. We price by what you want done to your vehicle. Extra services not included in any package are an extra charge on top of the package price.

What are any extra charges I may incounter?

Please be aware that pet hair, excessively dirty vehicles, beach sand & XL vehicles may change the price. Pet hair is not easily vaccumed and takes extra time to remove, hence why it requires an extra charge. Excessively dirty vehicles that have harsh stains to remove or extra debris to picked up also require an extra charge since this will add on extra time to any detail. Beach sand or excessive dirt takes extra time to vaccum - requiring an extra charge for extra time. XL vehicles such as super duty trucks or Hummers are bigger than noraml vehicles and require a bigger area to clean which will require an extra charge as well.

Why are your prices higher than my local car wash?

We charge differently than a local car wash because we provide the convenience of coming to you! Also, WE ARE DETAILERS! We don't just vaccum your car, we brush the carpet to ensure all dirt & debirs is gone. We brush every crevice unreachable by any vaccum nozzle to get every crumb. Wiping down your console, dash, nav screen, cupholders & compartments is a three step process for us.

  1. First, we wipe them down with a cleaning agent to ensure all dirt is gone.

  2. Second, we use detail brushes to get any dirt or debris out from any small crevice that it tends to accumulate in.

  3. Third, we protect all your hard surfaces with a UV protectant that protects your plastics, vinyl or leather from the sun & leaves a beautiful shine. We also use quality products that are specifically made for every part of your vehicle.

Who is CTC Auto Detailing?

James & Jackie established CTC back in 2015. It is a small family owned business that services all of Orlando, FL. We are professional & trustworthy detailers who work hard & maintain special attention to detail. We pride ourselves in our ability to clearly explain & demonstrate any service we provide.

I have more questions that are not answered here?

No problem, call us (407) 844-1611 anytime!