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Boggy Creek Mobile Detailing

Living in Boggy Creek offers residents a sparse urban feel. Airboat rides are very popular in Boggy Creek seeing at its close to the Everglades and Florida's wetlands and wildlife. You'll get to encounter alligators, turtles, birds and more in their natural environment. Founded by Paul Newman, Camp Boggy Creek is a proud member of SeriousFun Children's Network that creates opportunities for children with serious illnesses and their families to reach beyond illness and discover joy, confidence and a new world of possibilities, always free of charge. Jackie's (one of CTC's owners) grandfater, Joe Calabrese, also worked on the Boggy Creek Gang closely with Paul Newman in creating a space for children to have fun & forget about the serious illnesses they have. There is plenty to do around Boggy Creek between airboat rides & Gatorland - it has a lot to offer its local residents! So who has time to clean their car when it can be spent having fun with their family? Hate battling traffic & waiting in line during your free time? Who doesn't! CTC detailing will come to you!

Whether you would rather be spending your weekend doing something fun, you're a car enthusiasts or you simply hate battling traffic just to wait in line at the local car wash, CTC conveniently comes to you! When you purchase your vehicle it becomes an investment. Your local car wash sends you thru a machine wash which in turn, causes scratches & swirl marks on your vehicle. Protect your investment! The better you care for your car the longer it will last you! Stop wasting your weekend taking hours to clean your car or even waiting in line at your local wash! CTC mobile detailing conveniently comes to you!

Car Detailing Services in Boggy Creek

We know you have a busy schedule! The flexibility of our convenient mobile detailing service provides the professional care & attention your vehicle needs - and at a price you can afford! CTC mobile detailing is equipped to provide you professional detailing. We offer everything from your basic car detail to a full top-to-bottom showroom detail! Our services include: carpet shampooing, steam cleaning, trim restoration, leather conditioning, deodorizing services, hand waxing, clay bar treatments & paint correction to restore your vehicle’s paint back to its natural shine! Our mobile vans are fully-equipped & contain their own water & power source. It’s never been easier to enjoy driving a clean & professionally detailed ride. Call us today! (407) 844-1611